This guide will teach you how to eliminate and control the SLF population in your local neighborhood. FlyFoe can help you control spotted lanternflies at each stage in their lifecycle as part of our yard service or by deploying our partner companies.

If you live in Southeastern PA you've probably heard about the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF). The SLF is a relatively new, invasive insect that is quickly spreading throughout PA since its initial discovery in 2014 in Berks County. Lanternflies present a significant threat to Pennsylvania agriculture and property by destroying crops and trees.

Options for Eliminating the Spotted Lanternfly (Cost-Effort-Effectiveness)

  1. Physically destroying adults and eggs - Very low cost. Very high effort. Somewhat effective (DIY).
  2. Reduce Ailanthus Altissima trees on your property - Very high cost. Very high effort. Very effective.
  3. Eliminate Adults through a pesticide application - Medium cost. Medium effort. Very effective.